Qirinj shtepie

Candles for your home.

Sizes d.21 h.185
Burning time: 7 hours
package 5/18/32
Sizes d.21 h.190
Burning time: 6 hours

Qirinj kishe

Sizes 4,1×190мм
Package 400pieces/Package
Sazes 5,3×250мм
Package 20pieces/Package
Sazes 7,2×315мм
Package 80pieces/Package
Sazes 12,7×420мм
Package 20pieces/Package

Qirinj per caj

Tea candles used for light decoration. Your home will be transformed and will create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Burning time: 4,5 hours
Package: 6/10/30/50

Qirinj per ritual

Candles for funeral, wedding and baptism.

Burning time: 40 hours
Package: 45pieces

Qirinj dekorues

dhe te thjeshte

A large range of decorative and rustic candles.

Over 50 varieties.

By client

We also offer all kinds of candles request.